Bad date stories

Below are stories of terrible dates. You should read these so that you will not encounter bad dates.

Bad date stories

Story # 1 : A woman met this guy through online. He seemed alright so she settled to have a date with him. They met for drinks, and things were actually going well. The guy is good looking, , likeable, apparently normal, therefore she agreed to go on another date with him. They went to a truly nice restaurant, after his third drinks, he begins to utter baby talk to her. Then he leaned over the table and said, “I shave my balls.” She totally cracked up, excused herself, decided that she’s going to the comfort room, and he asks if she need help washing. As she proceed to the ladies’ room, the waitress walks in as she planning her escape way, she ends up tiptoeing her through the back door.

Story # 2 : Another story started online, a man dates a young gorgeous woman who turns out to be another man. The date extends for 3 to 4 hours before this reality is recognized. The guy who has been deceived seems more upset and shocked than angry.

Story # 3 : This is a story of a student who invited by her date to a dorm party. They started dancing and drinking as soon as they got there. They talked throughout the night as well as he kept bringing her drinks. After a moment, he invited her  bad date storiesto his place. Since the guy is handsome and sweet, she did not think that he will do bad things to her. Once they got there, they started kissing and he started taking off her clothes and she allow him. It wasn’t until he was inside her that she told him “no”. She pleaded him to stop repeatedly, yet he wouldn’t. She tried to push him away however he grasped her hands and shoved them against the bed, continually raped her.

To avoid these worst circumstances, it is imperative to stay in touch with your feelings and values. You have a right to be uncertain of your feelings, yet, be alert that your hesitation may make it complicated to communicate clearly to your date. Take steps on your own comfort level. It’s all right to say you require more time or that you don’t wish to have sex.