Common Dating Mistakes that Could Be Avoided

Going on a date is really something to be excited about. And when it is your first date, you would like to give your best shot. But people make a lot of common mistakes on their first date and of course you would not like to spoil your first impression by doing something silly. Once you commit a mistake on your date, you would really not be able to rectify it because your date might not give you a second chance. So let us go through a few bad mistakes that one can make during their first date and how they could avoid them so that their date turns into a long-term relationship.

  • Getting drunk: There’s no harm in ordering alcoholic drinks or some exotic wine on your first date but make sure your date gives consent to it. Not only that, if you order drinks, make sure that you don’t drink to the extent of going beyond the acceptable limits because if you do that, you might stand a high chance of vomiting in front of your date. Obviously that would not at all be a pleasant thing to do.
  • Wearing something obnoxious: Make sure that you don’t wear something inappropriate on your first date. Inappropriate means something that might offend your date or something that you would never wear to work.
  • Talking about your EX: A common mistake which people often commit on their first date is talking about their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Never do this as it would surely ruin your date. Your date would definitely not like to hear about your romantic past because your first date with a person is a first step towards a new relationship and it should not have any tinge from the past.
  • Using your cell phone too much:While on date, people make the mistake of using their cell phone too much between conversations with their partner. Don’t do this! Your date may find this irritating as it reflects that you are being  dating mistakesless attentive towards your date.
  • Asking too many questions: Your first date is not an interview and you are not an interviewer. So please don’t ask your date too many questions and especially the ones which sound like questions in a work appraisal meeting.
  • Flirting too much: Little amount of harmless flirting would not be counted as a crime on a first date but don’t say overrated stuff like ‘I love you’ and ‘You’re the one for me’ because it really sounds cheesy for a first date. Needless to say, don’t talk about sex and your previous sexual encounters.
  • Taking a friend along: Its your first date and not a picnic! So never bring a friend to a date. Its a huge mistake people sometimes commit and as a result spoil their date totally.
  • Insulting anyone or anything: Do not put forth some behaviour in front your date which might appear insulting. It would project a really bad image of yours on your date. So act graceful.


These are the common mistakes which spoil first dates and can be avoided with a little care. But inspite of keeping these things in mind, if you still get rejected after your date, then the reason must be something related to your nature and compatibility and you need not worry about that.