Fraud on datingsites | online internet dating scams

The online dating sites have become as one common ground for the people who share same thoughts. It is the latest bug which has bit the people of all age groups. There are so many dating websites on the internet. One just needs to register with them for finding a perfect partner for oneself. The dating websites are a small part of the big cyber world. Internet is one place where it becomes very difficult for us to judge about the identity of the person. This is the basic reason why there are so many frauds which come to the limelight every now and then.

It is mentioned in their terms and conditions that one needs to be 18 years or above for registering with the website. These dating websites never demand the proof for the verification of an individual’s identity. It means anybody can make an account by registering himself with a wrong age. It has been observed that in many cases the photographs which are used are also fake. They are randomly picked from the internet and being used as the display or profile picture. Many teenagers register on these websites for the sake of fun.

online dating scam


This has led to the increase in cyber-crime. The number of cases related to the crime on internet and such dating websites are on a rise. People are becoming soft and easy targets on such websites. There are many people whose accounts have been hacked. The pictures and photographs which have been uploaded by them are used for all the wrong purposes. Even more there are people who use other’s identity to chat and interact with the people.

One needs to keep in mind the following points to make online dating a pleasurable experience. First of all be sure that you register yourself with websites which are not fraud. Be very sure before registering with any of such websites. You can read magazines and various blogs about such websites from internet before registering yourself.  Do not accept friend requests from any random person. Check and verify the identity of all the people who are on your friend list. Never disclose your personal details to strangers and be very sure about the photographs which you upload. Be sure that passwords are highly protective so that nobody can hack your account and make wrong use of your identity. Wish you a happy and safe online dating.