How to surprise your partner in a relationship

Hey there, love bird!! you know, from time to time in a long term relationships you should be doing some lovely things to keep your relationship interesting, like a surprise or the relationship might go dull that might cause some minor problems.

So what do you do to keep your lovely relationship interesting and fun? Well….read further.

There are many things to do when it’s about making your partner happy. According to scientific researches an actual event of surprise releases the happy chemicals in a person’s body. In a relationship when that happens your partner feels close with you and it makes your relationship interesting.

Here are some of the things you can do to surprise your partner:

  • One surprise travel: for doing this never inform your partner about this trip. Just jump into her door and pack all things and blindfold her and take her to a mountain top and wrap open the blindfold. I bet that she will hug you tight and enjoy the view. But be careful while planning these trips.
  • A surprise date: if you were busy with your work all week long. Book a table in as affordable hotel and just 2 hours before the dinner make a call to your partner and ask her/him to get ready. I’m sure your partner will be so happy after missing you for the whole week and it would be a best feeling and they will be proud of you.
  • Buy small gifts on important events: in every relationship your partner will expect their loved one to remember all important events like anniversary, monthsary, etc.., you know one little rose will make them happy.
  • (for long distance relationships) visit him/her without a note: one surprise visit will make them happy and they will spend all the time with you while you’re there. Long distance relationships are hard but it’s worth it with the right partner.

Those are the things I got so far. If you think I’ve missed something please comment and I’ll add them later. Have a lovely day J