Impact of Social Media

The social media and our inclination for this has brought us to such extent that even relationships are started being made online. There are a hell lot of persons getting their partners online. Some decades before there were no such social media and obviously no chance of getting into a relationship online.

But with the inclusion of social media people have started searching their partners online. If a deep thought is made for this we will realize that how important this social media has been in shaping the relationships in a much desired way.

People always like to get in touch with others of same interest. After all happiness lies in staying together with people of like interests and not on the lots of compromises made just to avoid the conflict. With the social media these days it has been easier for all to look for more and more people and make their choices with whom they feel comfortable and have faith in staying comfortably, harmoniously and most importantly staying lifetime together.

impact social media

Imagine times of years before when you were to select your life partners by just seeing each other or with just a little conversation. Ever the worst scenario sometimes happened like you weren’t even allowed to see your partners. Just the parents would decide your partners and one has to spend the rest of their life with the partners selected by the parents. How weir, how astonishing, how illogical this was? The person with whom you are going to spend more than half your life you don’t know anything about them. You just had to stay because this is what your family wants and most importantly the society. Well with the social media now with us we can be in the relation we want to be with. Remember compromises never make a healthy family.

Who would not like to come after a tedious day from work and discuss their day long activities with his/her better half.  A commitment towards a life time relationship comes only when you like your mate from the core of your heart. And for that the compatibility plays a big role. So the social media one of the finest ways to get in touch with people of more compatibility and make your life as pleasant as you can. Thankfully the new generation is aware of how the social media can add flavors to their futures.