Top 10 Dating Tips Ever

Whether you are a pro in dating, reentering the dating arena after a few years, or a total newbie in the field, you can always benefit from knowing the top 10 dating tips ever that are guaranteed to change your fate and destiny when it comes to love and romance.

top 10 dating tips

  1. Prepare yourself. If you truly want to be successful in the game of dating and love, make sure you are ready to commit yourself to it. It wouldn’t help if you step into it half-heartedly because chances are you wouldn’t even get half-way. Put an effort into it and be ready for what lies ahead.
  2. Get your act together. Boost your self-confidence by starting a routine to look your best. Follow a healthy diet, get fit, cut or style your hair, and stick to a better beauty or grooming treatment. People can easily sense confidence, and this can increase your chances of success.
  3. Shop for new clothes and sport a new look. Stick to a proper image that you can live with and manage, one which flatters your best assets. Be yourself and accentuate and amplify all your positives. Ditch the old clothes and spruce up yourself.
  4. Determine exactly what you like to gain from going on dates, together with your expected timeframes. Would you want to get married in 2 years time? Are you after something more casual? Knowing and setting your specific goals will make it easier for you to achieve them all.
  5. Be around people who give their full support to your dating goals. It is not enough that you just follow the four tips above because you will also need a support system of friends and family who won’t sabotage the earlier efforts you made.
  6. Choose people with whom you sense a better chance of dating. Always be realistic. Your dating must be based on your personality and the package you can offer.
  7. Join societies, clubs, drama groups, sports events, and others which you think can help you meet potential partners who share the same interests as yours.
  8. Take some time off from the dating game every now and then if things don’t go well or you are starting to feel dating fatigue. Recharge your batteries, and keep your optimism and confidence levels high by dating in phases.
  9. Enjoy and love dating for exactly what it is. Dating is dating, the time when you meet and socialize with people and spend time with people who might or might not be a part of your life in the future.
  10. Don’t make yourself too available. Mystery is something that people always crave when they go on date, combined with the thrill and enigma of the chase. To keep this kind of mystery, don’t sleep with your date at such an early stage. When you make the chase longer, and give the person many reasons to fall for you, the higher the chances that true love will blossom and last for a long time.