Top 5 worst dumping reasons to break up

Every relationship goes through sweet and sour phases. Understanding and compatibility play integral roles in every successful relationship. Now if we look at today’s scenario, we will find the number of failed relationships have been increased. Though there are some serious trouble both the partners face with each other, in such cases we feel that break up is the utmost cure. This is a true fact that in a love relationship both the partners need to put effort to make it work, but nowadays we find a lot of relationships are breaking because of the impatience of the partners.

Let us find what are the worst reasons one can give while dumping his/ her partner.

Top 5 worst dumping reasons girfriend or boyfriend can give

1.when you don’t provide time for your relationship: This is a competitive world and everyone wants to make his/her career as the first priority. Well it is important to give your work top priority but at the same time it is important to give time to your relationship also. Remember that, every person has a profession but at the same time they have a life partner too. So it is crucial to prioritize your work in a schedule and save some time for your loved one too. Just remember, at the end of the day it’s your girlfriend/boyfriend. So save some time from your busy schedule and dedicate it to your partner.

2.You guys had a big fight: In every relationship fight occurs. But breaking up is not a solution to this. Just remember every relationship has it’s ups and downs. You and your partner are two different individuals, so you can have different point of view and outlook in any matter. You guys can disagree on any matter. Trust me, reasonable people disagree too. So dumping your partner for a fight can be a worst reason too.

3. Your liking and disliking are different: it is simple guys, you two are different individuals so you guys have the complete freedom to have own likings and dislikings. Your partner may not like the same movie you like. But that doesn’t mean that you guys are not meant for each other. It is being considered that differences can be healthy for any relationship. As it provides space to both the person.

Top 5 worst dumping reasons to break up

4. Your partner finds other people attractive: Your boyfriend/girlfriend loves you and you have stole his/her heart. But that doesn’t mean he/she has become completely blind. What I mean is, there are millions of people who possess good looks and attractive body. So if your partner finds another person attractive don’t just think of calling off the relationship. There are many attractive people on TV or roads who can look attractive to your partner’s eyes. So it is another worst reason a person can give for dumping his/her partner.

5.Your partner does not do as you say: You may love your partner but that doesn’t give you power to command over him/her. Remember, understanding is the best part of a relationship. Commanding over anyone can lead to disappointment and distress. So give your partner proper freedom in any matter. So dumping your partner because he/she doesn’t do as you say can be a worst reason too.